Arctic Cooling G1 pegamento termico | Thermal Glue



Arctic Cooling G1 pegamento termico | Thermal Glue
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The G-1 is an electrically non-conductive thermal glue used to affix heatsinks to the CPU/VGA board. It outperforms generic thermal tapes with remarkable thermal conductivity and long-lasting adhesiveness. Already bundled with our latest VGA coolers, such as the Accelero TWIN TURBO II and Accelero Xtreme Plus II, the G-1 is definitely a boon for overclockers.

Outstanding Performance

The G-1 is designed to lower the thermal resistance of RAM/VR heatsinks installed on the CPU/VGA board to ensure that heat dissipates from the components more efficiently. Its non-metallic properties prevent short circuits and can be applied generously anywhere without risk.


Hassle-Free Handlingp>

In contrast to thermal tapes, the G-1 does not age and once applied, guarantees adhesiveness for over 10 years. Bundled with a mixing wand and container, you can easily apply the G-1 with good control of the thickness and the amount of application.


Easy Removal

After applying the G-1, it turns into a form similar to a thermal pad making it easy to remove and not leave any sort of residue behind.





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